You’ve decided to take the next step in your relationship. You are going to move in with your significant other! You both are extremely excited until you realize that you probably won’t have enough room for all your belongings. Keep the following tips in mind and  it should be a smoother process.

Eliminate the Clutter Before you move
Before you even think about moving in with another person it is wise to get rid of all unnecessary items. Having 100 stuffed animals and pillows on your bed was nice when you lived alone, but it may not be practical when combining two houses. Putting off decluttering your home can create unnecessary financial burdens. Many moving companies charge based on the total weight of the move. Holding onto clutter can increase your moving costs. It is ideal to decrease your belongings before you move in to your new home.

Get Rid of Duplicates
In a perfect world every single member of the household would have a sofa for themselves (Dogs included of course), but most people don’t have space for that much furniture. You are most likely going to have duplicates of a lot of common household items (sofas, coffee table, coffee makers, spatulas, etc.). Evaluate what you have and pick items based on your needs. Some criteria’s to base your choices off of include: décor, cleanliness, age, and usefulness. This step is important, but may be hard for some couples.

Evaluate your New Space
If you have an opportunity to see your new home before you move in, take it! Seeing your new space will give you an idea of what items are not useful (i.e. Barstools in a home with no bar). Once in the home we recommend taking measurements of each room and making notes of unique details (i.e. built in shelves). You can draw a scaled down version of the home and determine if your furniture will fit.

Combining two lives can get very messy, but it is definitely doable! For more tips on moving in with someone check out this post as well.