As the tenant, you are responsible for returning your old office space to the original condition as specified in your contract. If you have been in this location for a long time you will probably have a fair amount of work ahead of them. Here are some tips that will make this process more successful.

Verify the Required Condition of the Property. Your lease has all the specifications of how to decommission your office space. However, it is wise for you to meet with their property manager to discuss the lease surrender conditions of your contract. Get it verbally and on paper.

Audit Your Old Furniture Assets. Does it make more sense to upgrade your furniture or is the old furniture still in great shape? Create an inventory of your current furniture and make decisions based on business needs and your budget. Most moving companies can assess whether there is any resale value with the furniture you wish to dispose of, which can help make your budget go further!

Don’t Forget Your Cabling. Voice and data cable removal is typically a required part of a lease. It is a necessary task for returning the office space back to the landlord.

Clean Everything to an Impeccable Condition and Make Repairs. Sweeping, wiping down walls, and vacuuming the carpet are only a few items that should be on your checklist. Once your office and warehouse are clean you will be able to see any damages that need to be repaired. Whatever repairs you consider making, just make sure you follow the terms of your contract. Often times, your relocation provider can offer these cleaning services as part of their overall lease surrender/decommission scope of work.

Make sure you have a thorough checklist and knowledgeable experts in place to help with your decommission or lease surrender. For more information and to see what decommissioning and lease surrendering services we provide click the link below.