Spring time is quickly approaching and your beloved flowers and plants are blooming! A decision a lot of plant owners struggle with is whether or not to move their plants. Unfortunately plants fall into the category of household items that are forbidden for transport. No professional moving company will agree to transport your plants, not even local movers on a short distance move. The back of moving trucks can get very hot and your leafy friends are too fragile and are not likely to survive the ride regardless of the duration of the trip.

We suggest you strongly consider leaving your plants for the next home owner, donating them to a local nursery, or gifting them to a friend or family member. If you absolutely can’t live without your plants we only suggest transporting plants if you are moving locally. There is a better chance of them surviving, but it can still be risky. When transporting your plant locally take the necessary precautions to increase chances of survival.

Before the Move

  • Two to three weeks prior. Transfer your plants from clay pots to more durable plastic pots of the same size.
  • One week prior. Check your plants for insects and parasites. If you need to apply insecticides we encourage you to exercise caution by leaving the plants at your current home.
  • Two days prior. Water your plants. However, do not over water them! Too much water can cause plants to freeze in cold weather and promotes fungus growth in warm weather.

 Move Day

  • Wait until the very last possible minute to pack your plants into boxes.
  • Place each plant in a box so it fits snuggly at the bottom. You can use regular moving boxes, like dish packs, available at any Sorensen location.
  • If needed, use brown packing paper to fill in any spaces at the bottom of the box to secure the plant. Also punch air holes in the side of the box and loosely close the lid so the plant can breathe
  • Set the boxes up right and label them very well. You wouldn’t want them to end up in the wrong spot that could result in damage.
  • Keep the temperature in your vehicle at a comfortable level. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can harm your plants.

Once You Arrive at Your New Home

  • Unload and unpack your plants as soon as possible
  • Put your plants back in their original pots and refrain from moving them around too much. Allow your plants to acclimate to their new home.

For more helpful moving tips click the link below.