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Get the latest helpful moving tips and information from Sorensen Moving & Storage. We have tips on everything from making a moving checklist, condensing households, to creative ways of packing. Have an idea or useful tip? Tell us about it at!

Moving for Love? Tips for a Smooth Transition

Ah, love. It has the power to make us do crazy things … including willingly choosing to undergo a move! Whether you’re moving to share a new home with the love of your life or moving because you fell in love with the house you just purchased, moving for love can be a challenge. Stay in control and positive with the following tips for easing the process.   Come up with a game plan. First and foremost, make sure you’re both on the same page about the move. The best way to do this? Work together to create a game plan that addresses the financial, logistical, and emotional aspects of the move. Disagreements are inevitable [...]

February 14th, 2020|

Why Choose a Mayflower Agent for Your Next Move?

When it comes to moving your belongings, experience is key. At Sorensen Moving & Storage, we are proud of our affiliation with Mayflower Transit — one of the largest and longest-running van lines in the country. An industry leader for nearly 100 years, Mayflower is the most recognized name in moving. This distinction was first earned in 1961 and has been earned each year since. Our 60 years of relocation experience combined with Mayflower’s extensive resources and industry know-how packs a powerful punch.   We work hard to uphold the high standards set forth by Mayflower, which is reflected in our commitment to providing the highest quality service and moving experience for you. As part [...]

January 31st, 2020|

Moving with Pets: Your Guide to Avoiding a Furry Frenzy

Pets, not unlike humans, are creatures of habit. Any disruption to their routine ­— not to mention their environment — can cause significant stress. But there are ways to make a move more comfortable for your four-legged furry companions. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the following guide will help you minimize anxiety — for both you and your pet — before, during, and after your move.

January 21st, 2020|

How to Choose a Good Mover in 6 Easy Steps

How to Choose a Good Mover in 6 Easy Steps Ever go through a bad moving experience? A quick online search and you’ll find that you’re not alone. There are many tales of movers who provided reasonable estimates only to hold the customers’ possessions hostage following the move — demanding thousands more to get their belongings back. While that example may err on the extreme end of the spectrum, there are plenty of reasons to put the effort into choosing a professional mover you can feel good about. After all, you want to know you can trust your mover to get your belongings from safely from point A to point B. The following are some [...]

January 14th, 2020|

Your Definitive Change of Address Checklist when Moving

Amidst the chaos of moving it can be easy to forget that there are a number of places that will need your new address. From setting up USPS mail forwarding services to updating your address with financial institutions, the following is your definitive change of address checklist.   Keep in mind that not all the offices and agencies on this list will apply to you, but you can use it to systematically review and check off everyone who needs to be informed of your change-of-address status.   Public Offices and Government Agencies First and foremost, when you’re moving, you want to make sure your mail moves with you by changing your mailing address with the [...]

December 20th, 2019|

Spring Cleaning & Organization Ideas

Spring Cleaning & Organization Ideas With spring on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to start planning a day for spring cleaning and organization. Especially if you are looking to move soon, having your inventory and household goods organized and packed can definitely expedite your overall relocation process. Here are some tips that you can employ to make organizing your home that much easier!   Utilize cubby space Do you and your family possess a bunch of small trinkets and medium-sized items? Consider utilizing a cubby storage rack, as well as removable bins. This allows you to store a large amount of items without taking up too much space. Setting your cubby racks up near [...]

March 7th, 2019|