In March of this year, Space Coast Business Magazine ran its annual “100 Most Admired Entrepreneurial Businesses” on the Space Coast. Sorensen Moving & Storage is proud to announce that for the third year in a row, we were list among the most widely recognized and admired businesses in Brevard County.


 Sorensen Enterprises


Using sports analogies in his business comes naturally to Scott Sorensen.  He refers to his “playbook” instead of a business plan; his staff is the “team” and there is no talk of the fiscal year, it is their “twelve-game season.”  Perhaps it is Sorensen’s passion for athletics or the fact that for nearly a decade they have been the official movers of Gator Football.


New Vision, New Team


When asked what were the key milestones or developments that enabled Sorenson Enterprises to experience growth in a challenging market, Sorensen is quick to point to “the best team we have had in 37 years.  They are good, quality people who are passionate about the business.”


One new member of that leadership team is Sorensen’s son Chris, who is two years out of UF.  “I didn’t like referring to my father as ‘Dad’ at work, it sounded nepotistic,” explained Chris.  “So we agreed I would call him ‘Scott’ at work and ‘Dad’ after hours.”  Then Chris continued, “Anyway, Scott does a great job of training every member of the team to see their role as essential to our success.  To him the most important players are the ones touching the clients.”


Growing Younger


Sorensen identifies attracting younger people as one of the keys to the company’s renewed vigor. “Young people bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and a completely different perspective to the business.”  One of Chris’ main contributions has been examining the company’s marketing strategy, in addition to web development, search engine optimization and social networking.


Chris, 23, is pretty close to the age his dad was when he took the business over himself from his father.  Sorensen said, “I want to empower him (Chris) and give the ‘guardrails’(that’s my term) that I would give to any other member of the team that I’m developing.  Primarily what I tell Chris is always do the right thing; do what you’re supposed to do.  Also, what I tell everyone is take ownership; act like an owner and think like an owner, not in the sense of being bossy, but being responsible.”


Growing Larger


Though Chris is willing to play any role, he would like to develop the business into new geographical areas.  “Our business is transitioning people into the next phase of their life; we don’t just fill and move boxes.  I like business development, analyzing how to penetrate the market and how to grow our brand in new communities.”


This seems in line with Scott Sorensen’s vision, “We are transforming our business from being a Brevard County business to a State of Florida moving company.  Plus, we’re rebranding; soon Sorensen will have a completely different look.  It is challenging, but it is also exciting and we’re all excited about being a part of it.”