Many of us look forward to moving out on our own as far back as we can remember. It’s very exciting to have a place to call your own! I’m sure your first few thoughts scream ‘freedom!’ In fact, most people have already had ideas about how to decorate their bedroom or what colors they would like in their living room.


Hardly any of us take into consideration the important factors of moving out; such as saving money to pay your bills, being disciplined and responsible. Here are several tips for moving out on your own for the first time that you may find helpful.


1.       Make a monthly budget for your bills, food, expenses and going out. Keeping a log of this may help you stay on top of things.

2.       Make sure to keep healthy snacks around. It’s very important to maintain a healthy diet.

3.       Plan your meals. Buy groceries weekly and cook large enough portions to have those meals more than once in order to save money.

4.       Go to sleep daily at a decent hour. It’s very healthy to get plenty of rest. It will provide you with lots of energy.

5.       Keep a First-Aid kit around. It’s always best to be prepared.

6.       Hang a whiteboard or chalkboard up. It’s an easy way to communicate with your roommates or leave important reminders for yourself.

7.       Keep a spare key close by with someone you can trust.

8.       Clean your space often. It always feels good to come home to a clean environment.

9.       Keep in touch with your parents. Just because you live on your own doesn’t mean they don’t want to know you’re ok.

10.   Most importantly, pay your bills and rent on time! It’s very important to establish great credit and references from day one.

With these simple tips, you can easily be on your way to living a happy and healthy life on your own.


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Written by: Tiffany Vargas