Preparing to move tends to be one of the most stressful events you may encounter. You are not only changing locations, searching for a new home, new job and switching your children’s schools but you have to adjust to a new life style as well. It is important during this transition to make sure you are staying on track of a healthy diet, drinking water and exercising. Stress can easily cause bad sleeping patterns as well as high blood pressure. Be certain to take care of yourself and leave the stress up to your professional movers.


Here are a few tips on how you can maintain balance as well as an easy going move.


1)       Hire a moving company. Moving companies help ease the tension of your move. If it’s within your budget, try hiring helpers to assist you with packing your breakables or other household good items. Many companies provide full services from packing to unpacking. This will help you focus on the more important factors of your upcoming move.

2)       Keep a water bottle near you at all times. During the busy times of your move, you may forget how important it is to drink your daily doses of water. Try keeping a bottle or a fresh glass of water around you at all times to help keep you hydrated.

3)       Try to avoid eating junk food during this process. Eating heavy meals or food items high in carbs will only slow you down. Try replacing those fast breakfast meals with a yogurt and throw in some granola for extra protein. You’ll have the right amount of energy to keep your day going.

4)       Try to find some time to add in stress free activities during the moving process. Take your family to the park or your dog for a stroll around the block. While your movers are helping you pack up your home or unload your boxes, set up a nice relaxing lunch on your front lawn in order to help remain calm and to stay clear out of the way of your movers.

5)       Keep packing supplies, moving checklists and personal items close by. It’s important to make this move as worry free as possible. Knowing where your keys are or where you left the packing tape, will help keep your stress level to a minimum. Make sure there’s a clear pathway for you to get in and out of each room in order to avoid any accidents.

Moving is hectic, let’s face it. Yet with the right planning and following a few simple guidelines… it can make moving much easier for you and your entire family.


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Written by: Tiffany Vargas