Moving With Your Pets


If you have your mind set to moving soon, it’s best to have a plan set up for your furry loved ones before you arrive to your new home. Just think of how difficult it is for you and the stress that comes along with moving. Your pet can easily sense your stress.


For starters, a helpful tip is to move your pet to the opposite side of your home once you begin to pack.  This way your pet isn’t trying to figure out what all of the commotion is about, nor are they in your way. Sudden changes may cause stress to your pet. If you are not moving locally, make sure to get your pet’s records from their vet, as well as order any prescriptions that may need to be filled before moving day. You may also ask your pet’s current vet if they may be able to recommend any veterinarians in the area you are relocating to. It’s always best to search around before you leave town.


It’s also important to get your pet familiar with the carrier you plan to move them in. Trying to put your pet in their carrier at the last minute may cause them to be scared or uncomfortable. Pack your pet’s belongings last in their own box and label it. This way you will have it handy once you arrive to your new place and you may get them familiar with their stuff in a new setting right away.


Once moving day arrives, put your pet in a safe place along with a bowl of food and water, maybe even a toy or two. This will help keep them out of your way. Once everything has been packed and loaded onto the moving truck, make sure to put your pet(s) in their carrier and carefully in the car with you. Be certain to stop for food and water breaks if you are traveling by car.


When arriving to your new home, place your pet in the bathroom or a room you do not plan to unload boxes in right away. Let your pet wander around your new home once everything has been unloaded. This will help them get familiar with their new surroundings.


Moving may cause a lot of stress for you and your pet. You can easily help by planning ahead. Making things easier for your pet will surely make things easier for you as well.


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Written by: Tiffany Vargas