Many dream of living near tropical beaches, swaying palm trees and mostly warm seasons. That’s why Florida is a great place to live. Florida has all of that and so much more here in the Sunshine State. If you plan to move to Florida, it’s best to do some research before you do. Knowing Florida’s tax laws, weather patterns and transportation systems will help you get around the state easily.




Florida does not have a state income tax. Every homeowner’s tax situation tends to vary. It’s best to find an attorney or a tax accountant upon moving to Florida, so you are aware of all the state has to offer and the benefits of having no state income tax.


Hurricanes/ Weather


The hurricane season in Florida lasts from June 1st until November 30th. There isn’t a single region within Florida that is exempt from the hurricane season. Whether you are living along the coasts, near the central areas or inland, you still may be affected by the weather. For those of you that may not have lived in a state that has a hurricane season, it’s always best to be prepared. Keep a hurricane kit in your home. This kit should include the following:


·       Water 

·       Batteries 

·       Canned goods 

·       Flashlights 

·       Candles/Matches 

·       Medication 

It’s always best to have an evacuation plan in order for you and your pets. Make sure you are familiar with your local animal shelters as well as places for you and your loved ones to go. You may also want to purchase flood insurance for your home, even if it isn’t required.




Florida’s main source of transportation is by car, bus or bike. There are many highways, toll roads and turnpikes to travel on. If you are traveling into major cities for work or personal reasons during rush hour traffic, it’s always best to give yourself plenty of time to arrive to your destination on time. Some local areas provide bus transportation. Not every city has the schedules and times located conveniently. Check your local bus transportation schedule and coordinate a bus stop that works best for you.




When you think of Florida, you probably imagine warm temperatures all year round. Although you are right, a major portion of the year is warm; the winters can get a bit chilly here. If you live near the northern part of the state you’ll definitely need that winter coat and scarf to keep you warm. Even certain parts of the southern areas tend to drop in temperatures as well. The summers in Florida, due to the heat and humidity, can be unbearable at times. Make sure to wear light, breathable clothing to keep you cool. So those clothing items you didn’t think you needed to pack upon moving to Florida… you may want to pack them just in case.




You can imagine how the roads, hotels, restaurants and tourist spots can become rather crowded during the holiday season and “snowbird” season. Florida is known around the world as one of the top travel destinations to visit; bringing in over $57 billion a year to Florida’s economy, according to the State of Florida. Be patient and remember not to tailgate those who are unfamiliar of the roads.


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Written by: Tiffany Vargas