Staying sane while traveling long distances with the family in tow can prove a challenge.  Double that with the excitement and anxiety of moving a long distance to an unfamiliar place and we have possible red alert on our hands! Good news!  Sorensen is here to help! Just the thought of traveling (let alone moving!) long distances can stir up butterflies, so we’ve complied a list of few must-have’s that will help you keep a level head while you travel to your new home.


Tip #1: Create a “mix tape”

Okay, we’re in 2016 so most likely you’ll make a playlist, but the idea is music. Top 40 radio gets repetitive and NPR can put us to sleep sometimes, so put together some music that’s as epic as this trip. Your soundtrack should include classic favorites and some throwback jams to sing along to and help keep spirits lifted.  Don’t forget to throw in a few jams for kiddies!  “Let It Go”  is somewhat appropriate!

family-road-tripTip #2: Pack a Cooler

The day before starting the journey, load up some picnic supplies- this includes healthy snacks! Being nice to yourself is the first step in staying nice to whoever is traveling with you, so buy some apples with those Cheetos. Oh, and if you’re going by car, don’t forget extra napkins, plastic utensils and a trash bag.

 Tip #3: Alone Time

This one may seem impossible, but take advantage of any spare minutes you’ll have to yourself. While stopped, take turns refueling and using the restroom, or take a short walk alone to stretch out. While riding passenger, listen to an ebook or music with your headphones in, as a signal that you’d like avoid conversation for a while. Sometimes we all just need a minute to gather ourselves- find that minute!

Tip #4: Anticipated Road Map

 It’s always a good idea to review your travel plans in the days ahead, and keep in mind major towns and cities that you might pass by. Be especially mindful of where you might be during peak travel hours, and prepare for any toll roads you may encounter. Reviewing your plan a day or two ahead of the trip might help prevent you from being flustered if Siri or Garmin tries to surprise you. Don’t forget to let your relocation expert at Sorensen know of your travel plans to help coordinate your arrival along with your belongings.

Tip #5: Booked Hotel

If you’re going far enough that you’ll need to spend a night at a hotel, try to plan out where you’d like to stop for the night, and book in advance. It will be reassuring to know that you have a spot secured, and this also creates an achievable goal after a (seemingly endless) day of travel.

Tip #6: Keeping it in Perspective

Finally, this last must-have is the only super important one. Even if you’re excited about the opportunity that’s moving you somewhere new, a little anxiety -and the resulting tension- is bound to happen. Staying sane is easy when you take a moment to remind yourself of the reasons why you’re moving. When you’re feeling stressed, just a few positive thoughts will go a long way in helping re-align your perspective of the day.

Whether you’re headed to a new state, or even a foreign country, Sorensen Moving & Storage wants your relocation to be a fun adventure filled with good memories. The road ahead may be long, but keep these must-haves in mind, and maybe it will be a little less bumpy.

Best of Luck!

Your friends at Sorensen Moving & Storage