Staying sane while traveling long distances with your family can prove challenging (to say the least). Add to that the anxiety of a long-distance move and you have the potential for a perfect storm of stress. 

While the road ahead may be long, the following tips can help ensure it’s a little less bumpy. 

Tip 1: Plan your route in advance 

It’s always a good idea to plan your travel route in advance. Then, a few days before, review your plans again. Be especially mindful of where you might be during peak travel hours and prepare for any toll roads you may encounter. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful navigation and route planning apps to assist, but remember to have a hard copy of your route printed out just in case you lose your WiFi signal or your battery dies. 

Tip 2: Create a road trip playlist

When traveling long distances, it’s always a good idea to have backup for the radio. We recommend creating a playlist (or a few!) with songs the entire family will enjoy. You can create themed playlists, for example, upbeat tunes for lifting spirits, or calming jams for keeping everyone relaxed. Keep in mind, if you’re using apps like Spotify for music or Audible for audio books, make sure to download the content to your device prior to leaving unless your car is equipped with WiFi. 

Tip 3: Pack a cooler

The more people you’re traveling with, the longer it takes when you have to make pit stops. The day before you start your journey, pack a cooler with healthy road trip snacks and drinks to avoid any “hangry” meltdowns. And make sure to keep a bag for trash and a roll of paper towels in the car in case of spills. 

Tip 4: Take time for yourself

This one may seem difficult, however, finding spare minutes to yourself can help you re-center and decompress. While stopped, take turns refueling and using the restroom, or take a short walk alone to stretch out. While riding as a passenger, listen to an audio book or music on your headphones to signal that you’d like avoid conversation for a while. Sometimes we all just need a minute to gather ourselves — find that minute!

Tip 5: Book a hotel room in advance

If you’re going far enough that you’ll need to spend a night at a hotel, try to plan out where you’d like to stop for the night, and book in advance. It will be reassuring to know that you have a spot secured, and this also creates an achievable goal after a (seemingly endless) day of travel.

Tip 6: Keep everything in perspective

Finally, it’s important to maintain perspective throughout the process. Even if you’re excited about the move, a little anxiety — and the resulting tension — is inevitable. But staying sane is easy when you take a moment to remind yourself of the reasons why you’re moving. When you’re feeling stressed, take a few deep breaths and try to focus on positive thoughts to re-align your perspective.

Keep in mind: Moving during COVID-19 requires you to take extra precautions. Make sure to practice social distancing, wear a face mask, and keep disinfectant wipes and/or hand sanitizer easily accessible. For more information, read our guidelines for moving during a pandemic. 

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