Last time, we discussed how you can take care to avoid injuries during your move. Today, we will continue on that note by sharing with you some moving tools that you can use to decrease the strain on your body as you move. As stated last time, the best thing that you can do to avoid move-related injuries is to hire professional movers to carry the load for you! That being said, during the days preceding and following your professional move, it is likely that you may find yourself trying to move or reposition a heavy box or piece of furniture. Here are some moving tools that will make this task safer for you:

Glovesprovide padding for your fingers, help you to avoid splinters, and give you extra grip as you lift heavy items.

Hand trucks/ dollies ease the strain of lifting oversized items.


Furniture slidersassist you in moving large pieces of furniture across the room, and decrease the length of time that you have to use your own strength to hold items as you move them from one place to another.


Forearm forklift devices come in handy when you are moving items that are awkward in size because they provide leverage and encourage correct lifting techniques.


Steel toe bootsprotect your toes if something falls on them. They also provide your feet with padding, and their treads offer you grip to prevent falling.


Sorensen Mayflower wishes you a safe move!