Moving Checklist

Make sure your move is smooth by creating a moving checklist.

Moving is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Thankfully, a little planning makes a big difference, and getting a head start on seemingly minor tasks goes a long way. Help take the stress out of moving with this moving checklist: your step-by-step guide to avoid last minute packing and scrambling that will help guarantee a smooth move.

Two Months Before Your Move

  • Research moving companies and schedule an on-site estimate
  • Start getting rid of unwanted stuff. Sell, donate or recycle items you don’t want to move
  • Order necessary packing supplies, like boxes, bubble wrap and markers
  • Create a moving binder or folder for moving expenses, receipts and other related documents
  • Start using up goods and supplies you don’t want to move, like beauty products, nonperishable foods, etc.
  • Notify your doctor(s), dentist and veterinarian, ask for referrals, and have your medical records forwarded
  • Set up any travel arrangements required for the move, such as rental cars, flights, hotel rooms and pet care

 One Month Before Your Move

  • Select your mover and moving date, and get the details in writing
  • Start packing items you’re unlikely to need before your move, like fine china, camping equipment and specialty kitchen appliances
  • Be sure to label each box with its contents, the room it should end up in, and any other helpful info (i.e. “Fragile”)
  • Receive an appraisal on your pricey items so you can insure them for your move
  • Submit a change of address. You can do this at or at your local post office
  • Give your new address to your bank, insurance company and other important parties
  • Notify your employer if you need the day off

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Double-check the arrangements with your moving company
  • Return any rented or borrowed items, like movie rentals and library books
  • Clean out your bank safe-deposit box, storage unit and so forth
  • Refill prescriptions as necessary
  • Make sure your car is road trip ready if you’re driving long distance to your new destination
  • Schedule a disconnect date for water, gas and other utilities
  • Cancel or reroute scheduled deliveries and services, like magazine subscriptions or lawn maintenance

One Week Before Your Move

  • Finish packing boxes
  • Don’t forget to pack suitcases for the everyday essentials, like clothes and toiletries
  • Make sure to empty and defrost your refrigerator a full day or two before moving day if you plan to take it with you
  • Reconfirm the details with your moving company
  • Plan accordingly for the payment, and don’t forget cash for tipping the staff (If your movers do a good job, 10 to 15 percent of the total fee is typically customary)

 Moving Day

  • Check and sign the moving company’s inventory list, and put your copy in your moving binder
  • Make sure you have your moving company’s contact info in your moving binder
  • Pack pet food, litter and any other remaining essentials
  • Enjoy your new home!

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