Let’s face it – moving is often not very much fun. The stress of upheaving your valuables, and your life, can sometimes seem unbearable while transitioning into your new home. However, do not fret; we’re here to handle the heavy lifting with these helpful moving hacks to keep in mind while you’re packing.

i. Kitchens Conundrums: When packing up your kitchen, keep flatware inside of an organizer, secured with tape and plastic or paper wrap.
ii. Recycling Done Right: Have any old dish, mug or cup boxes laying around from the store? Reuse the cardboard partitions within those boxes to pack up breakables like wine glasses, cups and mugs.
iii. Dish it Out: Dishes have a bad habit of dancing around while in transit to new homes. Keep them safe and secure by packing them wrapped up, taped down and ready to go.
iv. Wardrobe Malfunctions: Packing materials add up quick. Save some space by placing unbreakable items such as shoes, handbags, and linens at the base of your wardrobe container.
v. Wired Up: There are not many experiences more frustrating than finally getting to your new house and having to deal with wire spaghetti — the mass of jumbled, tangled wires that are haphazardly thrown into a box during the moving process. Luckily, you can avoid this hassle by placing each electronic accessory (powercords, remote, etc) into a specifically labeled box that describes the electronic device it belongs to. Also, before unplugging, take a picture of the wiring setup to reference later.
vi. Coloring Inside the Lines: Don’t just label your boxes — color-code them and write which room they belong in to make move-in day a breeze.
vii. First-Things-First: Pack a “first day essentials” box in a clear bin and pack it with cleaning supplies, toilet paper, a toolbox and other items you may need on your first day.
viii. The Bigger They Are: Use stretch wrap to group big items together, such as brooms and mops. This technique can also be used to protect large furniture.

Although moving can be hard, with these moving hacks, packing doesn’t have to be a headache. As for the actual moving part, Sorensen Moving & Storage has been an expert in handling our customers’ heavy lifting for more than 50 years. Visit our website to see what we can do to get some of the weight off of your shoulders during your next big move, or call us today!