Moving is a big expense — financially and emotionally. If you’re on a tight budget, it can feel even more overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of creative ways to save money on your upcoming move. 

Remember, the key to saving money when moving is giving yourself plenty of time to plan and maximize your budget. Keep this in mind, as it will help make the following eight tips for moving on a budget even easier.



  • Move during the off-season. Avoid moving during the summer months, as they are typically the busiest for moving companies. If you can, aim to move between October and April and you may be able to score a better deal. If you’re moving for work, try to avoid major holidays — and consequential traffic or weather delays.
  • Stay organized to avoid unnecessary expenses. Think about what you’re going to need immediately and pack it in a moving essentials box. You don’t want to have to buy things you already own because they’re packed away and inaccessible. Traveling with a cooler for food items/meals can also help you save money when moving. 
  • Find your own packing supplies. If you’re packing your own items to save money when moving, start collecting boxes ahead of time. If you speak to a manager first, many places will let you drive around to their loading zone and take their broken-down boxes. They might even have other packaging materials you could reuse as well.
  • Take Inventory. Before you sell or donate, make an inventory list of your needs vs. wants. Can you sell items/appliances now and buy them again at your new home? Do you need a new dining set when you arrive, or are you willing to thrift pieces and give them some TLC? If you can’t compromise, then take those items with you when you move. 
  • Make some extra cash. Have nicer furniture or items that aren’t worthy of a yard sale because they have more value? Consider posting them to Craigslist, or eBay, or paying for a short-term stall at your local flea market. These options attract savvy shoppers, antique collectors, DIY lovers…and people who have just moved!
  • Purge the stuff you don’t need. Donate your extra food items and unopened toiletries to local food banks and shelters. Clothing that’s in good shape can go to charitable thrift shops or be sent to foundations that distribute items to those in need. You won’t make any money off your items this way, but you will save money when the moving truck weighs less, and you will feel good about giving back to your community. We sure do.
  • Don’t forget the details. Don’t forget to return borrowed items, such as cable boxes and internet routers. Collect financial deposits, and update your information with the IRS, post office, bank, etc. Settle memberships for gyms or organizations, and collect your dry cleaning, keys, and other things you may forget. These are often overlooked — especially the accounts that automatically withdraw from your bank — so make sure to settle before you leave. 
  • Book your travel in advance to save on flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. Make sure your AAA membership information is current, so you can take advantage of any discounts. Consider cashing in credit card points or flight miles to help save even more.


When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to stay positive. Remind yourself of why you are moving, take frequent breaks away from your moving agenda, and consult your inventory list when packing.

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