Corporate Relocation Services



Sorensen’s global mobility and corporate relocation services are far beyond typical moving services. We understand the investment required to acquire and maintain a talented workforce in today’s competitive corporate environment. We also recognize that a customized approach to managing your workforce, both domestically and abroad, can be critical to maintaining sustainable growth for companies.

As a leading corporate moving company, Sorensen’s global mobility solutions are customized to fit your corporation’s talent management needs. Understanding that not all corporate needs are the same, we take a consultative approach to learn and assess your corporate talent management standards and guidelines to provide you with the best options.

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1. Consulting Services

Seamlessly collaborating with your company’s Human Resources team and the individuals and families who are moving, Sorensen creates an individualized plan to safely and efficiently mobilize your workforce

2. Plan and Execute

Sorensen is committed to not only creating an effective plan, but executing that plan and staying on time and within budget. It’s important that your employees can remain focused at work throughout the relocation process, and our team works to ensure their move is seamless and stress free.

3. Destination Services

Sorensen’s services continue after your staff arrives at their destination, providing peace of mind while they get accustomed to their new environment. From scouting neighborhoods and schools, to unpacking their belongings, we’re there for you the entire way

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4. Settling-In Services

Getting your staff to their new home is not the end of their relocation journey. Sorensen provides additional services which help them settle in, such as furniture installation, and area orientation.

5. Lump-Sum Management Services

Let Sorensen help you and your team members with expense management during their corporate relocation. We have tools that allow you to ensure all expenses are managed appropriately throughout the entire process.

6. Move Management Services

Take advantage of Sorensen’s experienced team of Moving Managers who work tirelessly to handle national and global relocation from crating, packing, containerization, shipping, delivery, and unpacking.

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  • Customize and maintain a global delivery solution with a standard measure for quality.
  • Utilize tools and resources designed for regional or country-specific service delivery nuances.
  • Provide a consultative approach with built-in cost and best practices initiatives.
  • Develop practical performance standards related to relocation administration.
  • Develop a competitive and cost-effective global mobility program.
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