A good deal of the stress caused by moving starts with finding the right moving company. When you start your search for a reputable and local moving company, it’s important to take the time to consider your options. Do research on each company, compare rates, and make sure you feel mutual respect before making your choice. To help you start the process of finding a reputable local moving company, we’ve gathered a list of things to ask yourself and to keep in mind before deciding on your mover.


  • Does the company request a cash deposit before moving your belongings?
    If yes, then this is not a trusted moving company.
  • Does this company have a physical address and a credible website?
  • Does the company openly provide their certifications and licensing information?
    If not, then this is not a trusted moving company.


  • Get recommendations from people in your network, or referrals for third party companies if you are unsure about your local companies. Look for major complaints made against the company
  • Do company research– do a background check, look up their certifications and license numbers at Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and read their profile in the Better Business Bureau
  • Keep your gathered agreements/documents in the same consistent location so you don’t lose them! Staying organized through the moving process will help reduce stress
  • Make sure to review your home-owners insurance and purchase additional insurance to cover your belongings if you need to, especially if you’re moving cross-country, internationally, or you have antiques and art. Become familiar with the policy and its limitations
  • Ask for a written, in-home estimate from multiple companies…and talk through potential extra fees with the estimator!
  • Don’t just go with the lowest price. Some companies will give low quotes but make up the difference through extra costs or treat your belongings without care. Quality service is always worth the difference
  • Know your rights! The final price of your move cannot exceed 15% of the agreed estimate. The FMCSA has a free downloadable document that details your rights and responsibilities, and it’s worth printing out for reference


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