How To Pack For A Move: 10 Ways To Use Household Items.

Sure, packing up requires the right supplies. But who says you can’t think outside the, ahem, box? From extra padding to maximum utility, here are 10 great ways to make use of household items that you may have already have. It’s the stuff you either need to use up or transport anyway. Hello, win-win!

Packing For A Move: 10 Ways To Use Household Items

How To Pack For A Move: 10 Ways To Use Household Items

  1. Use household items as boxes. Cut down on cardboard by using:
  • Clear plastic bins
  • Laundry baskets
  • Hampers
  • Luggage—Save rolling suitcases for heavy items, like books.

Plus, taking your washer and dryer? Go ahead and fill them up!

  1. Cushion with clothes. Wrap clothing and towels around breakables in lieu of bubble wrap or newspaper. You can also use fabrics to fill up extra space in boxes to further secure boxed items from shifting or breaking.
  1. Another way to pad and protect? Bag up pillows, blankets, teddy bears and other soft, bulky items and use them to pad bulky breakables. Use them to fill up empty or cumbersome space to help your belongings stay put and provide extra cushioning.
  1. Wrap glasses in clean socks. If you’re grossed out by the idea, but still want extra padding, paper bags also do the trick. Another tip for packing glassware: empty wine cases work perfectly.
  1. Use cotton pads to protect cosmetics. Stuffing these bathroom staples in-between the makeup and its case does wonders for preventing powders from breaking.
  1. Turn plastic into fantastic. Want to prevent leaking toiletries? Use plastic wrap around open bottles of lotion, shampoo and other toiletries, and then screw the tops back on. You can also seal saran wrap over drawers, silverware trays and other containers of items you want to keep in place.
  1. Use sandwich bags for small parts, like screws and bolts. Labeled Ziploc is a great way to hang onto pieces that coincide with disassembled furniture, curtain rods, and even cords to electronics. Not to mention, keep everything straight.
  1. Mark mirrors with masking tape. Placing a large X on your mirrors with masking tape helps absorb shock. Not a guarantee to keep glass from breaking, but an extra step worth taking.
  1. Use sheets to preserve your mattress. On top of what’s already on your mattress, use older linens to keep your bed clean and protected. Start by wrapping an extra sheet around the bottom of your mattress, and “double bag” both sides if able.
  1. Short on jewelry boxes? Use egg cartons to store and protect small accessories, like earrings and bracelets. You can also turn an empty toilet paper roll into a necklace holder to prevent knotting.

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