Note: Moving during COVID-19 requires extra precautions. Make sure to wear a mask, keep social distance and follow CDC guidelines. Read more in our post on moving during a pandemic.

For some, moving can be stressful. What can add even more stress? Arriving at your new home or building and realizing some of your precious items were broken or damaged during the transition.

Unfortunately, this may occur. However, here are steps you can take prior to your move to help prevent this from happening to you.

1. Secure Boxes

When packing fragile items, ensure the box they are placed in is secure. This means ensuring all cracks and openings are sealed, especially at the bottom of the box. Fragile items like glasses, plates, or electronics tend to be heavier. The weight of the items may stress the box causing it to break or tear. If the box becomes damaged there is a strong chance the items inside will be damaged, as well. 

Bonus tip: Once the box is secure on the outside, do the same on the inside. Line boxes with cushioned materials like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or even blankets and towels. A cushioned base will add an extra layer of protection for the packed items and reduce the stress placed on the box.

2. Carefully Wrap Items for Protection

Use bubble wrap, blankets, towels, or newspaper to individually packaged fragile items. To best minimize damage, wrap items tightly. Also, layer the packing materials to further protect items from breaking.  

3. Fully Pack Boxes

Although these items are fragile, packing them tightly within a box will reduce air or wiggle room. Diminishing space within the box will keep items from rolling around during transport which also means a lesser chance of breaking. 

4. Label Boxes

Boxes that contain fragile items should be labeled accordingly. Use phrases and terms like, “Fragile,” “Breakable,” “Glass” to indicate which boxes should be handled with care. 

Be sure to label these boxes on multiple sides to increase visibility and awareness during the move. 

5. Hire Professional Movers

A professional mover has the necessary experience required to pack and move boxes that contain fragile items. It is their job to carefully transport belongings in a manner that prevents damage and reduces overall moving stress. By trusting professionals with your move, all of your items will more than likely arrive safely and unharmed. 

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